Introduction of scenic spot

Sang Wu Tang


Yunnan Army Lecture Hall was an early famous military academy that had an important impact on modern Chinese history. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall, Tianjin Beiyang Lecture Hall, and Northeast Fengtian Lecture Hall were called the three major military halls; during the Republic of China, it was also known as the Baoding Army Officer School and the Central Army Officer School (Huangpu Military Academy), and was also called the three major military academies.

The former site of Yunnan Army Lecture Hall is located in Chenghua Park, the center of Kunming, with Cuihu in the east, Qian Ju Street in the west, Cangyuan Lane in the north, and Yunnan Science and Technology Museum in the south. Founded in 19O7 and reopened in 1909, covering an area of about 70000 square meters. The main buildings are: the main building courtyard, inside and outside the training playground, arsenal, auditorium, bathroom, wall, small garden, stable and so on. The main building area is 7600 square meters. It is a walking horse corner building with a combination of soil, wood, and stone structures. The corridor in the building connects the east, west, south, and north floors into one. The entire floor is 480 meters. It can be called China's building. The corridor. Its grand scale and majestic architecture were the first in all parts of the country at that time.

The Yunnan Army Lecture Hall was closed in 1935 and has trained nearly 10,000 students in its 28-year history. From 1935 to 1945, it was changed to the fifth branch of the Central Army Academy (Whampoa Military Academy) ". In 1950, it was established as the Yunnan Branch of the Southwest Military Region Military and Political University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In 1953, it was changed to the Third Infantry School of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and moved out in 1958. In 188, the State Council announced that the former site of the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall was a national key cultural relic protection unit. In 1990, the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall Cultural Relics Protection Management Institute was established, and in 2009, the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum was established.

The teachers and students of the Yunnan Army Lecture and Wushu Hall made great contributions to the country and the nation during the Revolution of 1911, the uprising to protect the country, the Northern Expedition, the War of Resistance against Japan, and the War of Liberation, and a large number of military commanders and generals emerged ". Therefore, Zhu De called the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall "revolutionary melting pot" in his book "Memories of Xinhai" ".

Yunnan Army Lecture Hall has successively honored the honorary titles of "National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base", "National Defense Education Demonstration Base", "National Cross-Strait Exchange Base ~ National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot", "Contemporary Revolutionary Soldiers' Core Values Education Base" and so on.