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Anecdotes of the plaque link | milliduan yuxiu, one stroke at a time, said Cuihu

  When you think of the lake, what comes to mind first?

Maybe it's the sky light pouring down the blue glaze of the lake,

Maybe it's the lotus scene of the pool shadow,

Perhaps it is the vividness of the fish and gull home algae Evian,

Perhaps the four seasons cloud floor points green color evergreen.

When you mention Cuihu Lake, you can think of thousands of beautiful scenery, and you must not forget them--

They, with vigorous or graceful strokes, silently and profoundly guarded the 1.1 history of Cuihu Lake.....

They are the plaques and couplets of Cuihu.

▼ Below, let's take a look at the stories about Cuihu plaques and couplets. ▼

The most "delicious" couplet

The most "delicious" couplet in Cuihu Park is tantamount to the "ten miles of spring breeze, green beans, autumn water and white sprouts" created by Ximen and Mr. Chen Rongchang.

In the Yuan Dynasty, Cuihu Lake was connected with Panjiawan, which was a beautiful harbor in the embrace of Cuihu Lake. No matter whether it was cloudy or sunny, summer or rain, it was always a beautiful scenery. When the water is shallow, Kunming people will grow some aquatic vegetables here. Therefore, Cuihu was once named "Cuihaizi".

Ten miles of spring breeze green beans, a bay of autumn water white bud, is to describe the scene at that time.

The author, Chen Rongchang, is called Xiao Pu and Xu Zhai. After returning home, he is even more sleepy. Mr. Chen Rongchang was a Jinshi in the Guangxu period and a famous scholar in modern Yunnan. Mr. Chen Rongchang once taught in Jingzheng Academy (once located in the Kunming Sports Committee Hospital on Cuihu North Road, and was the alma mater of Yuan Jiagu, the top scholar of special science in the late Qing Dynasty). Mr. Chen Rongchang is good at calligraphy. He copied Yan Zhenqing and Qian Li from the beginning, and later changed to learn Mi Fu.
① Daguan Building Changlian
② Eight Views of Kowloon Pool
In addition to the Ximen couplet, the long couplet of Daguan Building at the entrance of the clean and honest cultural corridor of Zhulin Island in Cuihu Park was written by Mr. Chen Rongchang, and Cuihu's famous poem "Eight Views of Jiulongchi" was also written by Mr. Chen Rongchang.

The most "learning bully" couplet

The author, Qian Nanyuan, formerly known as Qian Feng, was born in Kunming, Yunnan Province. He was a Jinshi in the 26th year of Qianlong, and later became a censor. Mr. Qian Nanyuan was an honest and upright official. He should impeach He Shen and his henchman Guotai offended Ganlong and was demoted. Later, Mr. Qian Nanyuan tried to impeach He Shen again, but suddenly died of illness in the Yunnan residence in Beijing. Under Qian Feng's pillow, the descendants found the manuscript of the memorial, wrote thousands of words and listed more than 20 crimes.
Qiannan Garden is good at drawing thin horses. Because of its famous poetry, literature, calligraphy, painting and couplets, it is known as "the first perfect man in Central Yunnan".
① North Chung Style (Li Qunjie)
② Wenjin Bridge
In addition to the North Gate couplet, the head of the North Gate has the four characters "North Chung Writing Style" (writer Li Qunjie, director of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and chairman of the Provincial Calligraphers Association); there is a three-hole stone bridge outside the North Gate. The bridge is named Wenjin. This bridge is the closest bridge to Yunnan University in Cuihu Park.

The most aura of the couplet

Cuihu Park is located at the bottom of Luofeng Mountain in the urban area of Kunming. It was once a bay in Dianchi Lake. It was not until the 13th year of the next year that it was completely separated from Dianchi Lake after the Saidian Chi dredging Haikou Water Conservancy Project, which was the political affairs of Pingzhang, Zhongshu Province. The Cuihu Lake, located in the view of Luofeng Mountain, is like a green pearl. Kunming calls it "Jasper in the city".

In Cuihu Park, the couplet with the most aura is naturally written at the south gate of the park, "The lake is about to float with twin towers, and the mountain shape is like holding five huas". The couplet is taken from "Taihua Temple" written by Guo Wen, a poet in central Yunnan. It was originally a description of the scene overlooking Dianchi Lake at Wuhua Mountain. Cuihu Lake is also near Wuhua Mountain, and the twin pagodas of the Great Temple are also nearby. Famous sentences have been carved since ancient times.

The couplet was written by Yuan Jiagu, the number one scholar in the late Qing Dynasty. "The Haoran lake seems to be able to float the two towers of Dade Temple and then surround Wuhua Mountain." The "living" written by Wuhua Mountain and Dade Temple is brought to life by the combination of dynamic writing and static, which is full of aura and describes the geographical environment around Cuihu Lake.

The writer Yuan Jiagu, a native of Shiping, Yunnan, was 22 years old for the examination, 23 years old for the excellent tribute examination, and also for the township examination. Because he often topped the list, he was respected as the "king of classes (examinations)" by his students ". Later, Mr. Yuan Jiagu won the first place in the special examination attended by 306 people, making up for the gap of "Yunnan does not have the number one scholar. Mr. Yuan Jiagu was the director of the Yunnan Provincial Library and a professor of Chinese at the private Donglu University (the predecessor of Yunnan University), the first university in Yunnan. In his later years, he built a garden in Cuihu Lake, named "Tree Garden", piled up soil as a mountain, named "Jinzhong Mountain", built a small pavilion, named "Jingjing Pavilion", and planted some flowers, vegetables and vegetables to enjoy the eyes. And to "the more narrow the garden, the more satisfied the heart; The more narrow the garden, the more Thai the body" self-encouragement.

Mr. Yuan Jiagu is good at calligraphy and is open-minded. Most of them are generous to those who want to book. Now there are many ink marks of Mr. Yuan Jiagu in many scenic spots such as Cuihu, Daguan Building, Xishan and Heilongtan in Kunming. Cuihu Park "sea heart pavilion" three words, also for Mr. Yuan Jiagu book.

Those plaques "Easter Eggs"

① Inside the Watching Fish Building · Yuehua
② Inside the Camellia Garden · Jidian Pavilion
③ At the gate of the fish watching building
④ Gate of Lianhua Zen Yuan
The contents of this plaque are taken from Mr. Shen Congwen's article. Because Cuihu Park is similar to Yunnan University, Shen Congwen, Zhu Ziqing, Wu Mi and others often came to Cuihu for tea and books to talk about the present and the past. When it comes to Shen Congwen, the first thing that comes to mind is the letter he wrote to Zhang Zhaohe: I have only seen the full moon once in my life. I also comforted myself. I said, "I have traveled many bridges, seen many clouds, drunk many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the right and best age."
② in the tea garden, Jia Dian pavilion: the word "Jia Dian" is taken from the poem "camellia is in Yunnan according to the spectrum". In Chuxiong Zixi Camellia Garden, there is the world's oldest artificially cultivated camellia. This tree was grafted by Donglin monks from the Yuan Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty with wild camellia as the anvil. It is now more than 660 years old. It blooms in November every year and lasts for half a year until May of the following year. What is even more peculiar is that the red flower "Zixi tea" is opened first, and the white flower "boy face" is opened later. The so-called one tree and two color flowers are actually unique to Zixi. The painting monk in the Ming Dynasty took on the role of chanting this tree: "Leng Yan competes for the joy of spring, and the camellia is in Yunnan according to the spectrum. The tree head swallows the fire together, and the snow burns half the sky red." Cuihu Park named the pavilion of the tea garden in the park after the phrase "camellia is in Yunnan", which means "Yunnan camellia is the best in the world..
③ The plaque couplet at the entrance of the Guanyu Building: the plaque couplet at the entrance of the Guanyu Building. The text of the plaque is "He Jing Feng Tian", and the inscribed plaque is Zhou Zhongyue. Mr. Zhou Zhongyue was the Secretary-General of the Governor's Office during the Republic of China. Mr. Zhou Zhongyue studied hard since he was a child. Once he read, Zhou Zhongyue dipped buckwheat cake in honey while reading. He strayed into the ink pond and his mouth was black. It was a good story. The text of the couplet is "the city does not open the fairy Buddha world, the building platform is wonderful in Shuiyun township." The couplet is named Ma Zihua.
④ The plaque at the gate of Lianhua Monastery: Lianhua Monastery was the "Buddhist gate" of Cuihu Lake in the Qing Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty, Lianhua Monastery was close to the mountain by the water and Yuantong Temple, which was the two major Buddhist resorts in Kunming. The plaque of Lianhua Zen Yuan is taken from Lin Zexu's document, and this couplet "Ten Mu Lotus Fish World, Half City Willow Buddha Tower" is the most famous couplet in Cuihu Park, and its creator is Ling Shiyi, a Cantonese. In the couplet, "ten mu of lotus" describes the large area, "fish world" fish as the moving scene, "half city willow" describes the large number, "Buddha tower" as the still scene. This couplet describes the beautiful scenery of Cuihu Lake and Buddhist Zen in a combination of dynamic and static.