Party building column

Leading Grassroots Governance, Integrating into Regional Party Building

Party building work

Actively participate in the regional party building work in streets and communities, become a member unit of the Cuihu Community Party Committee, formulate service lists and demand lists around party member education, poverty alleviation, cultural and sports activities, etc., and sign the "Party Building Co-construction Agreement" with Cuihu Community. Open the "Pioneer Learning Conference", Red Music Plaza, "Incorruptible Cultural Park" and other places and facilities in the park to the party members of the community, combined with the festival and the cultural needs of the masses, jointly carry out cultural performance activities such as "People's Singing Stage" and "Mass Square Art Fair" with the community, organize serving party members to take the initiative to participate in voluntary assistance activities in the West Station community, and jointly do a good job in environmental sanitation improvement, social security prevention and control, Civilized city creation and other work, discuss regional development, grasp grassroots governance, cultivate advanced culture, and build a beautiful Cuihu.