Party building column

Lead the social organization and set up the association party organization

Party building work

In recent years, the guidance of the management of the mass style team has become a hot and difficult issue of general concern from all walks of life. The Cuihu area has long been active with more than 50 spontaneous literary and art teams of the masses. In order to strengthen the political guidance and standardized management of social organizations, the Cuihu Park Party Branch adheres to the work concept of "where the crowd is, where the party building work must follow". Together with the Huashan Street Party Working Committee, we conducted a survey of the mass literary and art teams in the Cuihu area, and held coordination meetings and symposiums to find out party members in the mass literary and seminars, join the joint party branch of the art team association established by the Huashan Office in the province, jointly study and form the mass art team consultation and discussion regulations, coordinate and solve the problems of site use, noise pollution, etc., and actively guide and standardize the mass nature Art team performing activities, advocate civilized performing arts, and orderly activities.