Party building column

Leading the Park Development, Grasping the Construction of Party Branch

Party building work

The park party branch is guided by the requirements of the "grassroots party building innovation and quality improvement year", and takes the standardized establishment of the party branch as the starting point, strengthens the construction of the branch team, selects the best and strong team members, and the party organization and the administrative leadership team members enter and cross-serve, Give full play to the role of political leadership, fully participate in the decision-making of major issues in the park and implement supervision, and improve the internal management and organizational system of division of party and cooperation, improve and improve the system of party organization meetings, party and government joint meetings, integrate party building into the whole process of park construction and development, and promote the improvement of park tourism quality. Strengthen the construction of party members and employees, establish an "online and offline" learning model, build an "Internet party building" learning and exchange platform, create a standardized party member activity room, and strictly implement the "three meetings and one lesson", "theme party day", "party fee day", and organization Life meetings and other inner-party political life systems have normalized branch activities and improved the overall construction of the park party branch. The Park Party Branch was named a "five-star" demonstration party branch by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee in the standardized construction of the city's party branch in Kunming in 2018.