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"Chinese Expeditionary Force" Theme Exhibition

The Chinese Expeditionary Force was an overseas combat force formed during the War of Resistance Against Japan to support the Allied Forces in the fight against Japanese fascism in Myanmar and to defend the safety of China's international transportation line, the Yunnan-Burma Highway and the strategic rear.

"Chinese Expeditionary Force Theme Exhibition" is currently the first domestic thematic fixed exhibition that systematically displays the theme of the Chinese Expeditionary Force. The exhibition is based on the historical facts of the Chinese Expeditionary Force's expedition to Myanmar to fight against the Japanese invaders. It is divided into five parts: the expeditionary force's expedition to Myanmar, the defeat of the Nujiang confrontation, the victory of the counter offensive, the contribution of the Yunnan people to the war of resistance in western Yunnan, and the teachers and students of the Jiangwu Hall in the expeditionary force. Through more than 800 historical pictures and more than 500 physical objects, it focuses on the history of the Chinese army, the people of Yunnan and the US and British allied forces in the China-Myanmar-India war zone to fight against the Japanese fascist invaders.

Yunnan is one of the main bases and battlefield of the Chinese Expeditionary Army. The "Chinese Expeditionary Army Theme Exhibition" was held to reproduce the tragic historical years and promote the great spirit of patriotism and the great spirit of resistance.