Scenic Spots

"Centennial Military Academy General Cradle" Theme Exhibition

The Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum has organized the theme exhibition "The Cradle of a Century of Military Academy Generals" since 2006, and officially opened to the public on the occasion of the centennial of the school in 2009.

The theme exhibition is distributed in the east building and the south building, covering an area of more than 2600 square meters and with an exhibition line of 500 meters. It is divided into three parts: "the establishment of the martial arts hall", "brilliant achievements" and "general record. This paper comprehensively expounds the connection between Jiangwu Hall and several major historical events in modern Chinese history, comprehensively introduces the founding background, military education system and historical role of Jiangwu Hall, and systematically introduces the life stories of more than 300 generals who came out of Jiangwu Hall for the first time.

There are nearly 2000 exhibits (sets) in the theme exhibition, including historical photos, military equipment, badges, commemorative coins, paper cultural relics, daily necessities, etc. For the first time, the original principal's office, laboratory, infirmary, library, classroom, canteen and other teaching and life scenes of the lecture hall were restored, reproducing the general picture of the former military school.