Scenic Spots

Shui Yue Xuan

In the 31st year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1905), Fan Qing, a native of Quxi (now Jianshui), cut pools and built dikes, planted begonia, built rockery, built houses and paved roads, opened the first photo studio in Kunming, named "Shui Yue Xuan", and later opened the first movie theater in Yunnan to buy tickets. Since the 1930 s, Shui Yuexuan has been circled as the office area of the Kuomintang municipal party headquarters and other organs until the liberation of Kunming. Yangchun March, begonia in full bloom, weeping willows swaying, forming a spectacular "moon begonia" landscape.

In the winter of 1985, seagulls from Siberia flew to Cuihu for the first time. The clear water and white gulls made people laugh and gull joyfully. Sculptures such as "Young Girl and Seagull" and "Old Man Seagull" were built in the park, forming a grand scene of "Cuihu Xi Gull". Shuiyuexuan became the seagull cultural park of Cuihu.

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