Scenic Spots

Lianhua Zen House

Founded in the first year of Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty (1810), Jiang Yupu, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Industry, Liu Yu of Yannan Road, Ni Shiyuan and Ni Xiu of Kunming built Lianhua Temple with "Biyi Pavilion" as the center, and later renamed Lianhua Monastery. Lianhua Monastery and Yuantong Temple stand side by side from east to west, Yuantong pillow mountain, Lianhua Linshui, each with its own characteristics, complement each other, for the religious place where incense flourished at that time, until the Republic of China, experienced more than 140 years.

In 1934, Long Yun, chairman of Yunnan Province, ordered the reconstruction. After the reconstruction, he successively worked as an air force club, a special recruitment institute of the urban defense headquarters, a hotel and a library. With the changes of the years, after several repairs, the elegant demeanour of Lianhua Zen is still the same. The couplet "Ten Mu Lotus Fish World, Half City Willow Buddha Tower" hanging at the main entrance of the Buddhist monastery was written by Ling Shiyi of the Republic of China, reflecting the picturesque and beautiful scenery of Cuihu Lake.

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