Overview of 1. Lecture Hall

The Yunnan Army Lecture Hall was founded in 1907 and closed in 1935. In the 28 years of running the school, a total of nearly 10,000 students have been trained, and a large number of outstanding military commanders and generals have emerged-including the People's Republic of China Marshals Zhu De, Ye Jianying, and North Korean Chairman Cui Yongjian, and the first Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the Republic of Korea Li More than 300 Chinese and foreign generals represented by Fan Shi, Chairman of the Interim Government of Vietnam Vu Haiqiu. The teachers and students of the Yunnan Army Jiangwu Hall made indelible contributions to national independence and national liberation during the Revolution of 1911, the uprising to protect the country, the Northern Expedition, the War of Resistance against Japan, the War of Liberation, and the War to resist US aggression and Aid Korea. Therefore, Zhu De called it "revolutionary melting pot".

The main buildings of the former site of the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall are: the main building courtyard, the east gate, the inner playground, the auditorium, the arsenal, the bathroom, and the wall. It covers an area of 36000 square meters and is currently the most complete and oldest in China. The site of a famous modern Chinese military academy.

The former site of the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall has successively won the "National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base", "National Defense Education Demonstration Base", "National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot", and "National Cross-Strait Exchange Base".


    Best time to travel in 2.

Spring City Kunming four seasons like spring, mild climate. Located in the center of Kunming, the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum is available for sightseeing in all seasons.


    History of 3.

The former site of Yunnan Army Jiangwu Hall faces Cuihu Lake in the east, Qian Ju Street in the west, Cangyuan Alley in the north and Honghua Bridge in the south. In the early Ming Dynasty, Mu Ying, the Duke of the State of Guizhou who guarded Yunnan, set up a barracks here, called "Liu Camp", which was the first place to "teach martial arts and train troops" here. Since then, due to the beautiful scenery of Cuihu Lake, Liuying was converted into Mu's other industry. At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, it once became the "Shu Palace" of the Great Western Army Liu Wenxiu, the new palace of Pingxi King Wu Sangui and the "Hong Huafu" of his sun Wu Shifan ". In the Kangxi period, except for the main hall, its pavilions, pavilions and miscellaneous houses were all demolished. In the early years of Yongzheng, it was opened as a school martial arts field, and the main hall was changed into a martial arts hall and became a "Honghua Hall", which officially became a place for military training and martial arts.

The Yunnan Army Lecture Hall chose this site in order to uphold the aspirations of our ancestors: "Shame and Sect" and train troops to strengthen the army.

Twenty-five years of Guangxu(1899)Yunnan has set up the Yunnan Army Armed Forces Academy, with Chenghua Nursery as the school site,1907It was changed to the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall.


    4. Featured Play

The Yunnan Army Lecture Hall is a well-known "century-old military academy", a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national patriotic and righteous education demonstration base, and a national defense education demonstration base. It has a profound and brilliant history and culture. This military academy was in the late Qing Dynasty and Tianjin Beiyang Lecture Hall, Northeast Fengtian Lecture Hall is also called the three major lecture halls.

Arriving at the martial arts hall can be arranged according to your tour time. In the case of sufficient time, you can go to the museum for in-depth historical and cultural experience tours.

Two fixed exhibitions in the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum: the theme exhibition of "Cradle of Generals of a Centennial Military Academy" and the theme exhibition of "Chinese Expeditionary Army" are open to the public all year round (closed on Monday).

The suggested special playing method is to visit the theme exhibition of "Cradle of Military Academy Generals for 100 Years" for about 45 minutes, watch the special performance of the changing of the guard ceremony of the Jiangwu Hall, and walk around the inner playground after having a general understanding of the Jiangwu Hall to experience the life and study of the students of the Jiangwu Hall in that year.

Later, you can continue to visit the "Chinese Expeditionary Force" theme exhibition to learn about the tragic historical years of the Chinese Expeditionary Force.


    5. suggested tour route

Tourists can take 100 Road, 101 Road, 124 Road, 133 Road, 235 Road, Z5 Road, etc. under the bus stop of Yunnan Science and Technology Museum, and then walk for 3 minutes along Cuihu West Road.


    6. scenic facilities

The facilities of Yunnan Army Jiangwu Hall scenic spot include: greening, dustbin, toilet, tourist service center, Lei Feng volunteer service station, guardrail, closed-circuit monitoring, fire monitoring, fire fighting equipment, safety warning, tour guide panorama, guide sign, museum information electronic touch screen.


    Official 7. Raiders

Yunnan Army Lecture Hall Scenic Area is located in Cuihu West Road, Kunming City, along with the Provincial Agricultural Exhibition Hall and the Provincial Library. Visits to the old site and exhibition are free. The transportation is convenient. You can take buses 100 and 133 in the city and get off at the Science and Technology Museum. Eight free lectures are provided every day at 9:30, 10:10, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:30.