Party building column

Mining red memory, create a red tourism route

Party building work

Give full play to the location and cultural advantages of Cuihu Park, tap and develop unique resources such as historical monuments around Cuihu and red revolutionary party spirit education bases, and cooperate with important historical events such as Yunnan Army Lecture Hall, the former site of National Southwest United University, Kunming Zhu De's former residence memorial hall, etc. The former site of important institutions and the on-site teaching site of party member education have formed a red "tourism" route, promote the role of "red cultural resources" from "decentralized" to "centralized" change. Combing the red education places and locations in the park, the "Red Eight Scenery" tourist guide map of Cuihu Park, which is mainly composed of 8 scenic spots such as "Cuihu Qingfeng", "Lakeside Book Sound", and "Light and Shadow Leave Color", is formed. The original beautiful natural landscape complements and complements each other, fully demonstrating the red cultural temperament of Cuihu Park.