Party building column

Building Red Positions and Carrying out Party Spirit Education Activities

Party building work

The construction of activity positions is the basic platform and carrier for carrying out party spirit education and cultural activities. Without a good activity position, it is impossible to organize, mobilize, and unite party members and the masses. The Party branch fully integrates the park site, combines the construction of the park landscape, integrates the party building culture and integrity culture into the park's heavy historical culture, and uses the former site of the party history around Cuihu, the integrity anecdotes of famous sages and famous poems as materials to build the "Spring City Jasper Runchun City" cultural park, which is composed of three parts: "sages, integrity, cultural prosperity, integrity, and masterpieces of words. Establish the Wuhua "Pioneer Learning Association" educational venue, and form the "Cuihu Pioneer Lecture Group" to carry out party spirit education, party history and national history, art appreciation, traditional culture, new knowledge of science and technology, laws and regulations, and health care for the majority of party members and park visitors. Red classic recitation, lecture exchange activities. At the same time, in combination with the actual situation of the park, party activity positions such as party member activity rooms, party-mass service stations, and party building cultural corridors have been built.