• No.1

    Public Transportation

    Bus: Take bus no.1, no.85, no.101, no.125 or no.139 to Fuyong Road; bus no.1, no.95, or no.119 to Qingyun Street; bus no.100, no.101, no.124, no.133, no.235, or no.z5 to South Cuihu Lake Road.

  • No.2

    Self-driving Cars

    See Baidu Map for Details

  • No.3


    After getting off the airline at the Changshui Airport, tourists can take the following route: Metro Line 6 →Metro Line 3 → bus no.100, or take bus no.1. They can also take Airport Express Line 1 directly to the Xiyi Hotel Station and then walk 670 m.

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