Trade union work [ 2019-09-25 ]
Under the leadership of Wuhua District Federation of trade unions in Kunming, Cuihu Park trade union is a group organization established in accordance with the trade union law of the people's Republic of China and the articles of association of China trade union. It has won many awards such as "home of model workers" and "grassroots advanced trade Union". The trade union of Cuihu Park has the legal personality of social organization, independent civil rights, civil obligations, perfect trade union organization system, sound organization, standardized management and perfect system. Cuihu Park Trade Union now has 64 members, 124 retired employees, 1 Chairman, 4 members, Economic Review Committee and women's Committee. The above-mentioned personnel are democratically elected by the workers' Congress, with clear division of labor and play a role in the work of the trade union.
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