The Exhibition Themed around “The Chinese Expeditionary Army”

The Exhibition Themed around “The Chinese Expeditionary Army”

The Chinese Expeditionary Army was an overseas combat force established by China during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression to support the allies of China in fighting against Japanese fascists in Burma, and protecting Yunnan-Burma Highway, its key route of international transportation, and the security of its strategic home front.

The exhibition themed around “The Chinese Expeditionary Army” is the first exhibition in China that systematically displays the theme of the Chinese Expeditionary Army. Based on the historical facts of the expedition of the Chinese Expeditionary Army to Burma against the Japanese invaders, it is divided into five parts, namely, the entry of the expeditionary army into Burma, the confrontation across the Nujiang River, the triumph of the counterattack, the contribution of the people of Yunnan to the war in the west of Yunnan Province, and teachers and students graduated from the Yunnan Military Academy in the Expeditionary Army. Through the display of more than 800 historical pictures and more than 500 physical objects, it presents the history of the collective fight by the Chinese army, the people of Yunnan and the U.S. and UK allies against the Japanese fascists in the China Burma India Theater (CBI).

Yunnan is one of the main bases and battlefields of the Chinese expeditionary forces. The theme exhibition of the Chinese expeditionary forces was held to represent those tragic historical years and carry forward the great spirit of patriotism and the great spirit of Anti Japanese war.

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