Building a red front and carrying out party spirit education activities

Building a red front and carrying out party spirit education activities

The construction of the active position is the basic platform and carrier for carrying out the party spirit education and cultural activities. Without a good active position, the party members and the masses cannot be organized, mobilized and United. The Party branch has fully integrated the park site, combined with the park landscape construction, and integrated the party building culture and honest culture into the park's profound historical culture. Based on the former site of the party history around Cuihu lake, the honest anecdotes and poems of the famous sages, the Party branch has built the "Spring City Jasper · Lian runchun", which is composed of three parts: "sages and sages, inheriting honesty, cultural splendor · Yun Lian, and famous works · Hua Lian" City "honest culture park. Establish Wuhua "pioneer Learning Association" education place, set up "Cuihu pioneer lecturer group", and carry out party spirit education, party history and national history, art appreciation, traditional culture, new knowledge of science and technology, laws and regulations, health care and other red classic reading and lecture exchange activities for the majority of Party members and park tourists. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of the park, party activity room, Party mass service station, Party building cultural corridor and other party activity positions were built.

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