Father's Day is coming in 2022. Come to Cuihu to give thanks in Chinese clothes and show off your "father"


"Father, moment also. Parents rate teachers." As a teacher, a father teaches his children to cultivate their morals and to lead them to visit great rivers and mountains. Father's love is like a mountain, protecting his children from young children to pillars of his family and country. On Father's Day on June 19, 2022, in order to let every child feel his father's silent love, let every adult give back his father's kindness, and appreciate the beauty of Hanfu and the charm of traditional culture, Kunming Cuihu Park, in conjunction with Yunnan Weijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the Hanfu Culture Committee of Yunnan Cultural Industry Development Promotion Association, organized a series of activities of "Yunnan 2022 Seventh Flower Dynasty Culture Festival Cuihu Series Cultural Activity Month Father's Day Fancy, let the general public and tourists come to Cuihu to enjoy the flowers and relax, and also enjoy an elegant, beautiful and happy Han style trip with their parents and children.

Tea is a traditional drink of the Chinese nation, and the fragrance of tea is more like fatherly love. This activity carried out the "Father's Day Tea Ceremony", which organically combined the tea ceremony and filial piety, and used traditional methods to present Father's Day with warmth. At the scene of the activity, the teacher led the chanting of the three-character sutra and expressed his sincere love for his father with the sound of langlang books. After reading, the professional tea art teacher will explain the knowledge of tea art, know the utensils and usage of tea art, and lead the audience to learn the brewing method of tea. After the tea is brewed, the filial son will serve tea to his parents and say out loud his thanks and blessings to his parents.

At the same time, a variety of "immersive customs clearance experience" games have been prepared, including piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, Cuju, rolling iron ring, throwing pot and other intangible cultural heritage project experiences, allowing tourists to experience Chinese traditions in a close and immersive manner while participating in the activities. The fun of culture.

During the activity, the special projects of national style, such as dynasty Han costume show, antique dance, flower god parade and national style bazaar, were carefully planned. At the same time, 27 adult flower gods, 12 children's flower gods and 12 Yunnan minority flower gods formed a parade team to carry out the closing ceremony of the Flower Festival, congratulating the smooth conclusion of the Flower Festival and praying for the fruitful results this year and the full moon in the coming year.

In the evening of the month, the flowers bloom in the midsummer, this romance greeted in the flowers has a warm ending with Father's Day. The series of activities of Cuihu Flower Festival not only show the romantic and beautiful "flower culture" in front of tourists, but also vividly integrate the national tide culture such as tea culture and classical clothing culture. From the beginning of the flower dynasty "full of roses and a courtyard of fragrance" to the curtain call "small lotus only shows sharp corners", the flower dynasty festival will be a look forward to life and tenderness into the green lake four hours of the sky, memorable, arousing people's reverie. The Cuihu Flower Festival is over, but the Cuihu Flower Bird Language is still waiting for you. Welcome to come with your parents and children to enjoy tea, enjoy summer flowers, and enjoy the sweet and warm feelings together.