Seagulls Fly to Cuihu Park in 2020

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Seagulls Fly to Cuihu Park in 2020


Cuihu Park is an emerald city park in Kunming for people to visit and relax. Every winter, thousands of seagulls come to Cuihu to inhabit and forage until the following year.Leaving in March, Cuihu Opera Gull has become a beautiful scenery.

This year, the seagulls came as promised.22 OctoberMorningAround 7:30,About 20 seagulls flew near the park and circled over the water. In order to provide tourists with a beautiful, comfortable and safe environment for sightseeing and feeding gulls, Cuihu Park has made various preparations in advance. In view of this year's new crown virus prevention and control requirements and combined with the situation of the park, the park to develop measures to do a good job during the seagull flight.

During the epidemic, in order to protect these elves from afar and to ensure the safety of tourists, the park hired a professional killing company.-Kunming Juxin Kangli Technology Co., Ltd. disinfected the park. The number of disinfection times increased from once a day to three times a day. After the park was closed, the whole park was disinfected once. During the opening of the park, targeted local disinfection was carried out twice a day to ensure a hygienic, clean and safe tourist environment during the epidemic.

Secondly, a one-meter line and a one-meter line signboard are set up at the five gates of the park, a tourist flow monitoring system is installed, and an automatic temperature measuring integrated machine is set up at the south gate, west gate and east gate to control the passenger flow and tourist density in the park in real time, and each visitor entering the park is reminded to wear a mask, which not only protects seagulls, but also avoids crowd gathering.At the same time, the park has installed washbasins in five places: West Gate, Southwest Island, Central District, Kowloon Pool, Goldfish Island and Yunnan Army Jiangwu Hall History Museum.7In order to ensure the cleanliness, health and safety of tourists while watching and feeding gulls.

Every winter, the park forms a gull guard team for the seagulls."Escort". This year, the park formed the "2020 Cuihu Park Gull Protection Team", and the number of members increased from 10 last year to 15. The gull protection team will carry out targeted training, assume the responsibility of protecting red-billed gulls, monitor the number of gulls in real time, distribute free gull food every day, supervise and record the feeding and sales of gull food, dissuade tourists and citizens from uncivilized behaviors in the process of feeding gulls, remind tourists to wear masks when feeding gulls, and effectively guide gull tourists when the number of tourists is large and crowded, avoid gathering of tourists.

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control at the same time, scientific feeding gulls, gull love gull protection and other related work, the park strictly requires gull food sales points to sell gull food that meets the regulations, not to sell bread and other non-conforming gull food without authorization, the park gull protection team to carry out round-the-clock patrol,ParkConduct unscheduled inspections. At the same time, the gull protection team strengthened the publicity of the knowledge of gull protection, discouraged uncivilized garden tours and random bread feeding gull, patiently explained the correct method of feeding gull to citizens and tourists, and immediately stopped and reported the behavior of tourists harming seagulls.

Seagulls are in Cuihu Park every winterThe "resident guest" is an indispensable winter partner in the hearts of the spring city of Kunming and the people of Kunming. In the winter of 2020, Cuihu Park is here to appeal: during the epidemic, please the general public tourists wear masks, civilized view of gulls, to avoid mass gathering!



Kunming Cuihu Park

22 October 2020