Shuiyue Pavilion

Shuiyue Pavilion

In the 31st year of Emperor Guangxu during the Qing Dynasty (1905), a man named Jiang Xuan (his style name is Fanqing) from Quxi (known as Jianshui today) dug a pool, constructed a dam, grew begonia flowers, piled a rockery, built a house and paved a road in this place. He also opened the first photo studio in Kunming named “Shuiyue Pavilion”, and then opened the first cinema in Yunnan Province. Since the 1930s, Shuiyue Pavilion had been used by the Kuomintang as its office of ​​organs such as its Party branch in Kunming until the liberation of Kunming. In March, begonia flowers are in full bloom, and the weeping willows sway in the wind, and they together make a spectacular scene called “moonlit begonia flowers” at night.

In the winter of 1985, gulls from Siberia flew to the lake for the first time, which enlivened the park and delighted visitors. From then on, sculptures such as “Maiden and Seagull” and “Seagull and Old Man” were built in the park and teasing gulls with food has become a practice in Cuihu Lake Park. Little by little, Shuiyue Pavilion thus became the gull culture park of Cuihu Lake.

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