Guanyu Tower

Guanyu Tower

Built in the 15th year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang during the Qing Dynasty (1835) and funded by the Viceroy of Yun-Gui Ruan Yuanchang, Guanyu Tower is a classical architectural complex constituted of corridors, waterside pavilions, gazebos and curved bridges with a characteristic typical of architectures in the south of the Yangtze River. Guanyu Tower originally served as a part of Lianhua Zen Temple for freeing fish. After many times of revamps and reconstructions, its northern and southern corners still have preserved two glazed octagonal gazebos of three stories built by Long Yun—Governor of Yunnan Province from 1927 to October 1945—in 1934. Currently, the architectural complex comprises Guanyu Tower, Biyi Gazebo, Haoshang Guanyu Gazebo, Jinma Biji Gazebo, as well as a rectangular gazebo, a double-eve hexagon gazebo, a fan-shaped gazebo, a tetragon gazebo and a hexagon gazebo, all of which are connected by corridors. The entire architectural complex features glazed tiles, carved beams, painted rafters, as well as a large shoal of koi fish in water. Every time tourists throw some food in the pond, koi fish will vie each other to get it, which creates an exuberant scene.

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