Prevention in not "burning", Cuihu Park held a fire safety drill


nip in the bud"Burning",

CuihuFire safety drill held in park

Kunming CityCuihu Parkbe called"Emerald in Kunming City", alsoIt is for the general public and tourists to relax after dinner."City Park".In order to ensure that the spring and summer alternate when the lakeFire safety work in place,GuaranteeCitizens of touristsPersonal and property safety, to create a stable and harmoniousParkthe environment,4Month27DayMorning,Kunming Cuihu ParkOrganizationCarry outFire drill, publicityFire FightingSafety knowledge,LiftingFire FightingSafety factor.

The exercise invited Huashan Sub-district Office and Cuihu Community to participate, and all employees, operators, and outsourcing company personnel actively participated in the exercise.According to the Lake ParkFire FightingSecurityEmergency plan",This exerciseIt is divided into fire fighting knowledge training, fire extinguisher and fire hydrant operationTwoa part.Before the drill, the drill process, how to use fire fighting equipment correctly, how to dial119 the alarm telephone and other explanations, training. Subsequently, the participants simulatedParkFire, inspectorsTimelyReport, and the use of nearby fire hydrants to divert water, fire extinguishers to extinguish the initial fire and a series of content such as actual combat drills. The whole exercise process has a clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, tense and orderly, fully reflectingParkGood emergency response capabilityand the importance of fire safety.

In order to further strengthen the fire safety of Cuihu Lake"Firewall", park to parkFire extinguishers, etc.Fire fighting facilities and equipmentA registration check was carried out;In the park.WireCheck the installation and use of electrical facilities such as circuits.,Find the problem immediately rectification.

Fire safety has always been the focus of the park.Continue to do a good job in fire safety-related work,PutFire FightingSafety work,Provide a solid guarantee for the sustained and smooth operation of the park.