Welcome Ruixue, Send Beautiful Scenery and Guarantee Peace-Cuihu Park Sticking to the Front Line to Fight against Wind and Snow


Welcome RuixueSend beautiful scenery to keep safe

         -Cuihu Park sticks to the front line to fight against wind and snow


Just after the Spring Festival, everything recovered, however"Snow is too late for spring, so wear the trees as flying flowers". On February 22, a cold wave hit Kunming and heavy snow fell suddenly. The spring city of Kunming, which is like spring all the year round, was shrouded in a piece of silver. In order to ensure a safe and orderly tour environment in the park and protect flowers and plants in time, Cuihu Park actively followed the requirements of superiors., An emergency meeting was held, and emergency work was immediately carried out.

The snow scenery of Cuihu Lake attracts many tourists to watch. With the increase of snowfall, the number of tourists is also increasing. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, Cuihu Lake has increased its safety management efforts, sprinkling salt on the slippery bridge and road surface in the park, and closing management of some bridge decks such as Jiuqu Bridge and Tingying Bridge according to the number of tourists and snowfall intensity, do a good job in tourist evacuation and emergency rescue work, increase safety inspections, and do a good job in the management of park electricity, gas, fire and other facilities and equipment.

Heavy snow weather also has different degrees of impact on the plants in the garden. When heavy snow falls, the staff of Cuihu Lake immediately take anti-freezing measures for the plants in the garden, use non-woven fabrics to block the leaves and flowers, remove the snow and frost accumulated on the plants in time, and move the flowers and plants that can be moved.

In order to further strengthen security and plant protection, organize all administrative personnel to divide the grid responsibility area, evacuate and persuade tourists, and do a good job in maintaining order. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the accumulation of snow on plants, buildings for snow, snow removal work. Although the weather was cold, it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm and work efficiency at all. Though their faces can't be seen in the snow, they can be seen everywhere."can endure hardship, can fight" style. Through the efforts of all the staff, the bridge deck and road surface of the park once again showed their original appearance, effectively ensuring the safety of tourists.

Not only that, in order to make the red-billed gulls in the garden feel"Warm", Cuihu Park has increased the feeding amount of gull food, and the gull guards have also stepped up inspections, done a good job in monitoring and statistics, and earnestly carried out civilized feeding and persuasion.

The snowy day gave us all the cold wind without stint, but Cuihu had to pass on the warmth to the tourists who came to watch, the flowers and plants swaying in the cold wind, and the pleasant red-billed gulls in the lake.