To welcome the second phase of COP15, Cuihu Park's three-dimensional flower beds will be replaced with new "clothes"


WelcomeCOP15 Second Phase,

Cuihu ParkThree-dimensional flower bed for new"Clothes"

To greetCOP15,Dancing the beauty of biodiversity,Last yearSeptemberKunming Cuihu Park was designed and produced at the south gate."South of colorful clouds" three-dimensional flower bed andAwardedChina· Kunming three-dimensional flower bed competitionSilver Award,Inside the flower bedThe peaks and mountains are stacked,The strange beast shuttle,Contains multiple groups of rock-type green carvings, animal-type green carvings, tree-type green carvings, etc,Many tourists and citizens rushed to take photos and clock in. In the blink of an eye,The "South of Colorful Clouds" three-dimensional flower bed has accompanied everyone through the cold winter and ushered inSpring. To make this beautifulContinue to continue, the park seriously do a good job in winter three-dimensional flower bed tube maintenance, and inMarch 2022 Renovation and plant replacement of three-dimensional flower beds, let the three-dimensional flower bedContinuePlay beautifulSpring City Kunming,Add color to biodiversity.

Banyan tree shady collection mo crow, bamboo deep people quiet like fairy homeThe banyan tree is not only a tropical landscape with Yunnan characteristics, but also a unique scenery of the three-dimensional flower bed of "the south of colorful clouds. In this renovation work, the original simulated banyan tree in the flower bed has been reshaped again, branches have been added to make the appearance more luxuriant, and the details such as moss and water flow on the bark surface have been supplemented, showing a single-tree forest,crown overlapping, the branches are crisscross, and the green is as thick as a cloudThe landscape effect.

In order to letThree-dimensional flower bedHighlightout of better artLandscapeeffect,Rich flower bed plant color collocation, parkUse five-color grass, red maple, red flower pomegranate tree, flower leaf ivy vine, beautiful cherry, Ji Xiaoju, margaret, golden leaf gypsophila, water onion, golden lotus, hydrangea, gorse, wood brocade, etc.More than 12000 pots decorated with three-dimensional flower beds,Bring more colorful visual experience to the public visitors. Simultaneouslyaccording to the flowersPlantsHabit of growthThe green carving plants were replaced and added to the flower beds and trees.Eight smart and lovely Yunnan golden monkeys and eight seagulls soaring in the forest, and the originalThe sprinkler irrigation and spray systems have been overhauled,Drizzle, clouds curl up, flowers and plants colorful, green carving landscape lifelike, rare birds and animals shuttle habitat...... Shows the picturesque tropical paradise, the beauty of biodiversity dance in front of you.



This work not only renovated the three-dimensional flower bed, but also carried out professional and meticulous maintenance, so that the flower bed can be"Youth permanent". The park will follow.Strengthen the later comprehensive maintenance management, do a good jobRegular pruning, pest control and management of flower growth and flowering period, etc.WorkIn order to extend the viewing period of the three-dimensional flower bed, to ensureThree-dimensional flower bedThe landscape effect is more beautiful and beautiful.