Cuihu Tourists Notice

Scenic spot announcement

In order to protect the landscape of Cuihu Park, maintain the normal tour order of the park, and provide a clean, comfortable and safe garden environment for the general public and tourists, the following garden rules are formulated:

1. It is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers in the park and carry other inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods that hinder public order into the park.

2. It is prohibited to peddle goods, distribute promotional materials, distribute and paste small advertisements and engage in other commercial activities in the park.

3. It is forbidden to bring pets into the park and release them in the park.

4. It is forbidden to hunt, shoot birds, fish, etc. in the park, and it is forbidden to frighten, catch or hurt animals.

5. It is forbidden to swim in the park and bring entertainment facilities to play in the lake pond.

6. It is forbidden to carry out singing and dancing performances or morning exercises in public areas other than Shuiyuexuan and Goldfish Island in the park after 10 o'clock in the morning.

7. Gambling, taking drugs, fighting, begging and engaging in feudal superstition and pornographic activities are prohibited in the park.

8. It is prohibited to smoke in the park area with no smoking signs, and all uncivilized behaviors are prohibited.

9. Except for official vehicles in emergency situations, any foreign vehicles (motor vehicles, fuel mopeds, non-motor vehicles) are not allowed to enter the park without the permission of the park.

10. Other acts prohibited by laws, regulations and rules.

If there is any violation of the above provisions, the park will be punished or handed over to the relevant departments to deal with in accordance with the law.

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