Cuihu Park Epidemic Prevention "Four Steps" to Build a Safety Barrier for Epidemic Prevention and Control in 2022


Cuihu Park Epidemic Prevention"Four steps"

Build up2022Opening yearEpidemic prevention and control safety barrier

for strict implementation"External anti-input, internal anti-rebound"the epidemic of warOverall strategy,Kunming Cuihu ParkInOpening year 2022FightUnified deployment in the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic in the new coronavirus infection.,comprehensive mobilization,carried outThe "four-step epidemic prevention and control" initiative, adhere toDo a good jobEpidemic prevention and controlWork,built upThe strong atmosphere of "firm confidence, solidarity, unity of mind, scientific prevention and control.

The first step:establish epidemic prevention mechanism, fired the first shot of the war epidemic at the beginning of the year.Current stageEpidemic prevention and controlis inCritical period, the park strictImplement the spirit of the relevant meetings of the central, provincial, municipal and district epidemic prevention and controlAdhere to the principle of external anti-input and internal anti-rebound,ConveningBeginning of YearEpidemic prevention and control workDeploymentwill, emphasizeIt'sAt present, the prevention and control work should strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, deploy comprehensive and meticulous, and comprehensively do a good job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work.make,Ensure prompt and timely response and strong enforcement.At the same time,FormulationIt'sEmergency Response Plan for Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Epidemic in Cuihu Park of Kunming City, the establishment of the organization and leadership, a clear division of responsibilities, the formation2 emergency response teams, each with 20 personnel,The secretary and director of the park shall be the team leader, and the epidemic prevention and control work shall be carried out according to the requirements of the superior.

Step 2: Strengthen personnel management,Build a strong fortress to fight the epidemic..Park accordingepidemic prevention work"Normalization, strictness and precision"ofManagementstandard,To carry out the whole park cadres and workers, outsourcing companies, business operatorsAction track investigation and monitoring work, timely grasp of all types of personnel travel dynamics,Strictly implement the travel reporting system, ask for unnecessary not to leaveKun,AvoidParticipate in gathering activities, reduce going out and do personal protection, at the same timeDo a good job of collecting all cadres and workers once every two daysLabor Dispatching PersonnelHealth Code Travel Card and Report.All park staff are required to pay attention to their own safety protection and wear masks during work.,and activelyUrge employees to be fully vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine.Six months to strengthen immunization and other work,Work together to improve internal skills,TogetherJoin hands to win this without smoke.epidemic preventionWar.

Step 3: Strictlyepidemic preventionprocess,New Year's Day holiday adhere to the epidemic prevention and control work.New Year's Day 2022,ForEffectively reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure thatTouristsHave a happy, peaceful, healthy and safe festival, maleGardenStaffAccordingEpidemic prevention and controlRequirements, strictly implement the personnel entering the park to scan code bright code, measure body temperature, wear masks,"One meter line" queuing to enter the park,Epidemic prevention and control such as tourist screening in medium-and high-risk;Strengthening the prevention of the epidemic at all gates,The staff and workers of various departments of the park are divided into various posts, sinking to carry out, supervise and implement the epidemic prevention and control work, and carry out emergency disposal when emergencies are found., make a good entrance.Intensify safety production inspections and dissuade acts in the park that do not meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, do a solid job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the park, and arrange special personnel to carry out the whole park in the morning, middle and evening every day.Disinfection 3 times, local area not less than 4 times a day; Clean the entrance and exit disinfection foot pads, and make disinfection records; According to the management standard of "three no three have" for urban toilets, the toilets are carried outDaily inspectionTo create a clean and tidy toilet environment; according to the management of public hand washing facilities"Four have four no" standard, carry out the cleaning and disinfection of the sink, so that the general public can wash their hands nearby, and do a good job in personal prevention and control.

Step 4:Do a good job in epidemic prevention propagandathe transmission,BootCitizen TouristsScientific prevention and control.The park attaches great importance to the publicity and mobilization work, through the park broadcast, electronic screen, WeChat public number and other publicity channels, round-the-clock circulation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, epidemic prevention and control should know should be informed, etc,and display epidemic prevention and control publicity materials in conspicuous places,actively and proactively do a good job in publicizing and educating people on epidemic prevention and control knowledge and epidemic prevention and control measures,Guide the masses to respond positively and improveCitizen Touristsideological understanding and protective ability,CreateEpidemic prevention and controlStrong atmosphere.