Cuihu Park Greeting Spring Festival, New Chapter of Lantern and Flower Prosperity


A city landscape half city lake, many people put the lake compared to the eyes of Kunming.during the spring festival,Whether it'sWatching Flowers and Watching Gull, orLakeside Walk, CuihuParkhas always beenThe general public tourists play in KunmingHot punch point.To ensure that the majorityCitizenVisitors to provide a comfortable and beautiful garden environment andBe uniqueThe park experience, the parkConscientiously carry out all pre-holiday work,Strive to let tourists enjoy through the parkWinter goes and spring comesofGrand Joy.

Tulips open the old year except, the spring breeze sends warm into Cuihu.Tulips are"The flower of wealth in the world" implies prosperity and prosperity and happiness of people's life.EverySpring FestivalThe park has a tulip show, which has been held so far.More than 10 years, never late or absent.In 2021, in order to ensure the normal opening of the flower show, the park will be ready in advance.Reservation of tulip bulbs,Planting,Management and other workFinally, on the eve of the Spring Festival, tulips are in full bloom in the park,The ninth tulip exhibition in Cuihu Park came as promised.

This tulip flower show is mainly decorated with tulips, supplemented by foreign daffodils, Chinese daffodils, hyacinuses and other bulbous flowers.World Love, Reappearance, Red Hydrangea, Ronaldo, Royal Ten, Pure Gold, TomAnd other traditional varieties, color to red, yellow, powder-based. Three areas of the park, namely, flower beds on both sides of the east gate, flower beds on both sides of the south gate and flower beds in the central area, are set as tulip variety exhibition areas, and the layout is mainly large color blocks planted on the ground., to createCheerful JoyThe festive atmosphere. At the same time,InChinese narcissus is planted in the existing flower belt of Southwest Island, and potted daffodils and Chinese narcissus are placed in other lawn areas to form a natural-shaped flower belt.In the park east gate, north gate, west gate, southwest island nie er sculpture, east road flower border, office area flower border, central area flower border, wash horse river with potted tulips, foreign daffodils, Chinese daffodils to arrange flowers in time.

The sketches adorn the scenery of Cuihu Lake, and Taurus sends them to celebrate the festival.2021year isCowYear", cattle in ChinaTraditionCulture is a symbol of diligenceIn modern culture, cows haveThe meaning of "appreciation" and "prosperity.for the foilCowYear"Spring FestivalDiligent and motivatedThe park is arranged at the south gate.CowYear-themed attractionsBullish, Yu Ximen arranged the moralSpring Festivalof the scenic spots"The garden is full of spring". At the same time35000Pots of seasonal grass flowers (spring, pansy, etc.) to decorate the overall environment of the park. In order to do a good job in the management of flowers during the Spring Festival, Cuihu ParkStrengtheningInnovative thinking and new technology learning, and constantly refine the greening management technology to ensure that Cuihu Lake during the Spring Festival"Flowers fly everywhere",Send a copy for the general public tourists"New Year Flower Ceremony".

The lantern shines on the night of Cuihu, adding cars and boats to the beauty of Cuihu.The custom of "hanging lanterns"Originatedmore than 2000 years agoWestern Han Dynastyperiod, each yearLunarLantern Festival on the 15th day of the first monthBefore and after, people hang up symbolizing the meaning of reunionRed Lanternto createFestivalAtmosphere,Later the lantern became ChineseCelebrate the festivalsymbol.In order to create a festive and peaceful atmosphere for the Spring Festival in 2021, sinceCuihu South Gate, Swallow Bridge, Cuihu Ruan Di to Guanyu Lou,high hangingRed lantern compositiondottedSky Curtain Palace Lantern; Kowloon Pool, East Road, Goldfish Island, Xima River and other tourist-intensive areas were decorated with red lanterns, and the entrance of Shui Yue Xuan in the central area was decorated with golden round gypsophila lanterns,3500festiveLanternAnd the water surface of Cuihu,Brightof the lampLightLike a dragonthe sameTodistant extension; at the same time,In the waters of the East Gate of Cuihu Lake, there is also a special water curtain projection show.Under the light of night,The "invisible" water mist screen hangs over the water, like a mirage.General. In the changes of light and shadow, seagulls, peacocks, lotus and other animals and plants that represent the characteristics of Yunnan's biodiversity are slowly exhibited in various forms, reflecting the night sky like a dream.

In order to enhance the interest of Cuihu Park and provide leisure and comfortable parent-child space for tourists who come to the park with their children during the festival, the park has added amusement items to Goldfish Island."Fun train" has now entered trial operation. The small train is driven by a full-time driver, and the route is: East Gate-Central Area Toilet-Gui Garden-Goldfish Island Playground. In order to ensure the personal safety of the young passengers during the play, the park arranged staff to act as "flight attendants" to remind everyone of the safety matters that need to be paid attention to during the train running, and to supervise each passenger to fasten their seat belts; at the same time, the park replaced About 80 old equipment in the Goldfish Island Playground, andRight.On-siteAmusement equipmentcomprehensive and detailedCheck;PurchaseTen new-type battery boats have been installed, debugged and put into operation to replace the old and damaged boats, so as to ensure that citizens and tourists can have a better play experience during the festival.

At the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, peace will be guaranteed, and the green lake will be harmonious in the spring.In order to ensure a safe and harmonious Spring Festival atmosphere, accordingAccording to the policy of "prevention first, safety first", Cuihu Park inspected the epidemic prevention and control, production safety, food safety, public security and stability maintenance in the park, rectified the existing problems within a time limit, and required the establishment of a long-term management mechanism.before the festival,Wu Guangwei, deputy director of Wuhua District Urban Management Bureau, led the greening department of the bureau, the director of the park, the leaders in charge of safety production in the park and the heads of various departments in the the parksafety production,Epidemic prevention and controlPublic equipment, four prevention safety, etc.Workthe inspection was conducted again,The park willIn accordance with the results of the inspection and the work instructions of the superior unit,Intensify efforts to continue to put epidemic prevention and control in the first place, production safety is not relaxed, to ensureDuring the Spring FestivalPark operating environment clean and orderly, safe production without accident.Meanwhile, the parkOrganized emergency response teams to carry out emergency drills, including epidemic prevention emergency drills and emergency drills.Evacuation emergency drill, water emergency drill,It further enhances the safety awareness of the team members, and improves the ability to detect, control the situation and evacuate tourists in time when an emergency occurs while ensuring their own safetyDuring the Spring Festival, the safety line of Cuihu was built and a peaceful and harmonious festival atmosphere was created.