Cuihu Park 8th Lotus Festival

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Cuihu Park No.EightSessionLotus Festival   

Lotus and Cuihu have been inextricably linked since ancient times. "Cuihe listening to the rain" is one of the eight scenes of Jiulong Pool. Every summer, the banks of Cuihu are filled with lotus fragrance and clear, pavilions and pavilions. Visiting the lotus in Cuihu Lake has also become an indispensable June spectacle in the hearts of the general public and tourists. Kunming people and Cuihu Lotus have already established a deep friendship. In 2020, in order to let citizens and tourists better appreciate the lotus scenery in midsummer, Cuihu Park carefully planned a lotus feast.

1. do a good job behind the scenes and promote the growth of lotus. In order to repay the love of the "friends of lotus" for lotus, the 8th Lotus Festival in Cuihu Park will officially kick off on June 30, 2020. In order to ensure the smooth opening of the Lotus Festival, Cuihu Park has been actively preparing since March. After a series of behind-the-scenes preparations such as pond drying, disinfection, pest control and foliar fertilization, it has effectively prevented and controlled the leaf blight of lotus and promoted the growth of lotus.

With the unremitting efforts of the park, the lotus and water lilies of Cuihu have opened in early June and are expected to reach their full bloom from the end of June to August. This lotus festival displays more than 20 varieties of lotus, including Space Lotus 1, Changshun 1, Puzhe Black Red Lotus, Puzhe Black White Lotus, Shu Guang Sleeve, Star Peony, Phoenix Dance, Pearl Lotus Rice, Yiliang Thousand Petal Lotus, etc., distributed in the park's East Lake Pond, South Lake Pond and Inner Lake Pond. In order to tie in with the lotus festival, the park has decorated the overall environment, with 50000 pots of seasonal grass flowers arranged at the east gate, south gate, southwest island, shuiyuexuan, etc. Ximen sketch "hospitality" has Yunnan ethnic customs; The South Gate sketch "Chishang" embodies the interest of "small babies holding boats and stealing white lotus flowers.

3. improve the ornamental effect and create the artistic conception of lotus. The lotus pond of Cuihu Lake covers an area of about 40 mu. Lotus has been planted here since the establishment of Cuihu Park. Since the 16th National Lotus Festival was held in Cuihu Park in 2002, the park has continuously improved the management level of lotus, introduced lotus varieties with strong ornamental value, and planted aquatic plants suitable for ornamental, such as cattail, yellow iris, water bamboo grass, Reality flower, barracuda grass, etc., which set each other off in an interesting way and inherited the history of Cuihu's "ten mu lotus fish world, it also creates a vibrant, poetic and picturesque view of summer.

4. purify the environment for enjoying lotus and share the harmonious atmosphere. During the lotus festival, boats and playgrounds in Cuihu Park will also be open normally. In order to effectively implement the provincial and municipal requirements for the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus infection, and at the same time ensure the health of the general public and tourists when playing in the park, during the epidemic period, our park continued to take three measures of "scanning the code, measuring the temperature and wearing masks" for tourists entering the park, comprehensively strengthening the cleaning of the park environment, and cleaning and disinfecting small boats, small amusement and other public equipment, arrange staff to strictly control the number of tourists using the equipment to avoid cross-infection caused by personnel gathering. At that time, you are welcome to travel with your children and family to share the harmonious and joyful atmosphere when the lotus is in full bloom.

Lotus is praised in "Love Lotus Says": "Lotus is the gentleman of flowers." In traditional Chinese culture, lotus is often used as a symbol of harmony and cooperation. Nowadays, there are many varieties of lotus in Cuihu, which are "lotus (and) but different", but they also form an elegant realm, which is "lotus (and) is precious".

During the Lotus Festival, Cuihu Park welcomes the arrival of gentlemen who love lotus, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cuihu when lotus is open, practice the spirit of civilized tourism together, carry forward the Chinese "harmony" culture through Dutch culture, and let the civilized "harmony" atmosphere spread throughout Spring City.