Cuihu Park Launching 2022 "Quality Tourism" Campaign



In recent years, with the continuous development of the tourism economy, tourists' requirements for tourism quality are also constantly improving. In order to standardize the order of the tourism market and meet the pursuit of quality tourism by the majority of tourists,Sponsored by Kunming Culture and Tourism Bureau, co-organized by Kunming Culture and Tourism Promotion Association, Kunming Cuihu Park, Kunming Dianfeng International Travel Service Co., Ltd."Kunming 2022 Quality Tourism Line Promotion Campaign" was held on August 3, 2022 in the central area of Cuihu Park.

Activities inThe prelude to the announcement of the "Tourism Consumption Warning" kicked off, and the scene was preached to the citizens and tourists in the park.TourismChoice of routes and travel agencies,in the process of tourismOwn accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, food, personal safety, etc.Matters needing attention, popularizedTourism safety knowledge and related laws and regulations, calling on the vast number of tourists to be civilized and orderly in the process of tourism,Remind visitors to observe the Convention on Civilized Conduct of Chinese Citizens in Domestic Tourism,Create a good atmosphere for high-quality tourism.

At the same time,Distribution of promotional materials for public visitors, carried outTourism consumption warning, tourism quality improvementof propaganda.StaffSiteIssued to the public tourists "quality tourism", "tourism consumption warning" and other relevant information,Attracted many citizens.TouristsStopThe staff actively interacted with citizens and tourists and enthusiastically answered questions, which was well received by citizens and tourists.

Cuihu isThe "Eye of Kunming" is even more the "Spring City Living Room". The holding of quality tourism promotion activities can not only improve the concept of quality tourism, civilized tourism, and rational consumption of citizens and tourists who come to Cuihu, but also further enhanceParktourism service qualityOptimize the environment for tourism development, so thatThe "Eye of Kunming" sees high-quality tourism scenery, allowing"Spring City Living Room"All that is present is the wind of civilization.