Cuihu Park Helps Poverty Alleviation and Set up Demonstration Sites for Rural Revitalization of Agricultural Products


Cuihu Park Helps Poverty Alleviation

Set up demonstration sites for rural revitalization of agricultural products

Implementing the strategy of rural revitalization is to realize all the peoplecommon prosperitythe inevitable choice. In order to further accelerate the prosperity of the rural revitalization industry, consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, and provide a stable market channel for the development of the grassroots rural revitalization industry, Cuihu ParkAdhereHelp consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, consumer help to promote industrial revitalization"starting pointTo realize the combination of on-line and off-line agricultural and sideline product lines, and to carry out activities to help sell agricultural products in the park,TotalRevitalization of the countrysideseek development.

Cuihu Park Rural Revitalization Agricultural Products Exhibition and Sales Demonstration Site was established with the approval of Kunming Rural Revitalization Bureau. It was jointly established by Cuihu Park Party Branch, Kunming Rural Rich Leaders Assistance Association, Dongchuan District Rural Revitalization Bureau, Xundian County Rural Revitalization Bureau and Luquan County Rural Revitalization Bureau. The demonstration site is led by Lizhi Agriculture Co., Ltd., with a totalThe participation of 18 rural revitalization enterprises allows Kunming citizens to intuitively understand the achievements of Kunming's rural revitalization, provide stable market channels for the development of grassroots rural revitalization industries, strengthen the operation capabilities of rural agricultural products, and give full play to the effectiveness of poverty alleviation leading enterprises in driving employment creation.

The exhibition site is located opposite Lianhua Zen Hospital in Cuihu Park, with 30 display stands. The opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday and extended to 8 pm in summer. Due to the special situation of the park, only packaged products and dried fruits are sold. Fresh agricultural and sideline products are displayed on site with pictures, and sales are completed online. All the agricultural and sideline products sold at the Cuihu Park exhibition and sales demonstration site are recognized by the National Rural Revitalization Bureau as the "832 platform" catalogue. The local poverty alleviation agricultural products in Zhongchuan, Xundian and Luquan can provide agricultural and sideline product quality inspection reports.

On the morning of February 18, 2022, it was held in Cuihu Park.The awarding ceremony of the demonstration site for rural revitalization of agricultural products in Cuihu Park was officially opened with the organizer and organizer attending the ceremony.The prelude to the Rural Revitalization of Agricultural Products Exhibition in Cuihu Park, Kunming,

Through the combination of online and offline agricultural assistance model, it will further broaden the sales channels of agricultural products, deepen the promotion of green, organic and ecological concepts, stimulate consumer assistance, promote industrial revitalization, and enhance the influence of rural revitalization in our province.