Cuihu Park Held Hanfu Theme Activities to Create National Style Garden Atmosphere


Cuihu Park held Hanfu themed activities,

Create a national style garden atmosphere

Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Chinese nation, which embodies the colorful culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years; Cuihu is the concentration of Kunming's history and culture, and it is a never-fading postcard of Chuncheng. In order to add an antique touch to the "spring city postcard" of Cuihu, render the atmosphere of Cuihu's famous historical and cultural garden, and show the diversity and integration of Chinese culture, Kunming Cuihu Park, in conjunction with Maitreya Yunpeng Hotel Management Co., Ltd., held a Hanfu theme activity in the park from November 19 to 21, 2021, and invited Hanfu culture training teachers to hold lectures on Hanfu culture in the park Lianhua Zen.

The activity kicked off with a Hanfu garden party, inviting Hanfu fellow robes to exchange Hanfu culture with each other and create a national style garden atmosphere. A lecture on the theme of Hanfu culture was held in Lianhua Monastery in the park. The theme of the lecture was "Elegance of Literati-The Dress Style of Late Ming Dynasty". The lecturer extracted the essence of Hanfu culture with incisive language. While improving the collective theoretical foundation of the current group of Hanfu lovers, it also improved the cultural connotation image of Cuihu Park, delivered high-quality traditional cultural theoretical knowledge to tourists and friends, and contributed to the inheritance of Chinese culture.

In order to allow tourists to experience the interest of "Han culture", the event will carry out projects such as "Folk Customs Clearance", "Dynasty Carnival", "Ancient Style Cruise Ship and Traditional Culture Evening Party", and will invite representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage People, inheritors of various folk traditional handicrafts and traditional food were present, together with tourists, we will carry out immersive experiences of many folk projects, such as traditional hand-made, pot throwing, illustration, tea ceremony, ancient rouge, Peking Opera facial makeup, etc., so that tourists can experience the special charm of ancient Chinese folk culture at close range while participating in the activities. We also held a traditional costume ceremonial parade with the participation of Hanfu and ethnic minority compatriots, and organized Hanfu cruise ships to watch, and to carry out a collection of Hanfu costume show, national costume show, martial arts, opera, national dance is equal to one of the cultural evening. With Chinese makeup, laughter, phoenix flute and jade pot, Cuihu will take you to experience the strong atmosphere and profound details of traditional culture.

China has always been known as the "state of etiquette", and wearing Hanfu and carrying out Chinese rituals are an important part of the long civilization and historical style of the "state of etiquette. In order to inherit Chinese etiquette, the park will hold etiquette appreciation such as the blessing ceremony of the three ancestors of humanities and the local drinking ceremony, so that tourists can further feel the unique charm of the "state of etiquette" in the process of watching.

During the theme activities, the park will do a good job in business norms, epidemic prevention and control, and persuasion of uncivilized behavior, so as to ensure the safety and health of the general public and tourists after playing, and create a civilized and harmonious park atmosphere.