Patriotic Health, Cuihu in Action

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                                                                                      Patriotic Health, Cuihu in Action

Since the launch of the "Seven Special Actions" for Patriotic Sanitation, Kunming Cuihu Park has actively responded to the arrangements and deployments of higher-level departments, closely focusing on the full disinfection of public trash cans, the full compliance of public toilets, the full support of hand washing facilities, and the full coverage of cleaning and disinfection in public places., Full participation in a healthy and civilized lifestyle and other requirements, comprehensive mobilization and centralized rectification have been carried out, which has set off a climax of the "seven special actions" patriotic health actions.
1. extensive publicity, solid results. The importance of "seven special actions of patriotism and health" is widely publicized to tourists by means of electronic scrolling screen and window. The "six new fashion" of healthy and civilized life improves the awareness rate of tourists. It is suggested that everyone should take active action, care about "love health", support "love health" and participate in "love health". Starting from now, starting from self, starting from the small things around us, we will work together to create a clean, hygienic, clean water and green sightseeing environment.
2. comprehensive management, special rectification. Comprehensive clean-up and special rectification within the park, and do a good job of environmental disinfection. A total of 25 sanitary dead corners were cleaned up, with 2 tons of garbage and sundries. 23 households in front of the gate were managed in a standardized manner. The "Friday Patriotic Sanitation Cleaning and Disinfection Voluntary Labor" was continuously carried out to tackle and overcome the stubborn diseases of the park's environmental sanitation dead corners. As a result, the park's environment has been greatly improved and its appearance has taken on a new look.
3. public toilet cleaning, three have three no. According to the management standard of "three noes and three noes" (no feces, no odor, no water stains on the ground, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and aromatherapy) for urban toilets, the park carries out daily inspection on toilets and requires toilet management to manage them in strict accordance with the standard.
4. optimize hardware facilities and add a new sink. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the notice of Kunming Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing the seven special action plans for promoting patriotic health in Kunming (No. 27, 2020) and the special action implementation plan for promoting patriotic health in Kunming (No. 5, 2020), the park has added a new sink for the general public to use beside the tourist center in the central area, beside Jiuqu Bridge on Southwest Island, beside the tap water museum on Zhulin Island, beside the Haixin Pavilion on West Road, beside the temporary toilet on Goldfish Island and Ximahe Belt Park. This work has met the standard requirement that the service radius of public hand-washing facilities in tourist attractions should not exceed 1000 meters, and has realized the full matching of hand-washing facilities. At the same time, the park environment has been improved, and the personal hygiene of the general public has been better guaranteed. On the basis of continuously consolidating the new era of patriotic health campaign and normalized epidemic prevention and control work, it has actively responded to and promoted the tourism revolution, created a tourism demonstration area, and solved The overall and long-term issues related to the health of the people are well resolved, and the goals and tasks of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to fully carry out the patriotic health special action.


Kunming Cuihu Park
16 November 2020