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Seagull Fly in Cuihu Park

"Willow Pond Wind Shadows, Fish and Gull Home Algae Evian" is a portrayal of the life of seagulls in Cuihu Lake, and "Cuihu Gull" is a beautiful winter scenery loved by the general public and tourists. In order to do a good job in the protection of red-billed gulls, the park gull protection team earnestly performed its duties this week, inspecting continuously every day, monitoring the number of seagulls in real time, and reporting any abnormal situation in time. Starting from November 13, the park will distribute 40kg of free gull food to citizens and tourists every day. The gull protection team is responsible for the specific distribution and supervision of gull food feeding; discourage uncivilized behaviors of tourists and citizens in the process of feeding gulls; timely and effective guidance should be provided to the densely populated areas of gulls to ensure the safety of tourists.
In order to provide a comfortable environment for seagulls inhabiting Cuihu Lake, Kunming Juxin Kangli Technology Service Co., Ltd. carried out disinfection work in the whole park on November 13. Seven staff members dispatched two ships and used about 600kg of disinfectant to spray and disinfect the park, including lake ships, road surfaces, green belts, peripheral railings, waterfront dams, cruise ships, docks, garbage rooms/barrels, leisure seats, lamp posts, public toilets, red-billed gull habitats, etc. The disinfection is used on the human body, plants, poultry are non-corrosive disinfectant (summer rain dew).
In order to ensure the red-billed gull and sufficient food supply, the park standardizes the sale of gull food, rents out the sales points of gull food in the park through public bidding, and requires the lessee to purchase gull food at fixed points in strict accordance with the standard of "Red-billed gull supplementary feed", prohibits the sale of unqualified gull food such as bread, moldy and spoiled, and the park supervises its sales throughout. There are 8 gull food sales points in the park, which are now selling gull food to tourists normally.

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