Seagull flies to Cuihu Lake and goes to Kunming people for a romantic appointment in winter.


At about 7:30 a.m. on October 31, 2022, from the south gate of Cuihu Park to the waters of Jiuqu Bridge, about 50 seagulls flew down to the water to perch and forage. Against the backdrop of the autumn colors of the lake, people and gulls on the banks of Cuihu Lake had fun together. A beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature slowly unfolded.

Since 1985, this group of white elves will come every year, and in the long run, they will become a vibrant winter picture by the Cuihu Lake. In winter, thousands of seagulls fly down the Cuihu, soaring and playing in the water, vigorous and lovely, blooming like snow lotus on the water. Seagull is a letter from afar, carrying the expectations of Kunming people, full of poetic winter feelings.

In order to protect these elves from afar, and at the same time ensure the safety of tourists, Cuihu Park combines the situation of the park to do a good job in various tasks during the seagull flight.

The park employs a professional disinfection company, Kunming Ajiedi Pest Control Service Department, to disinfect the park. The number of disinfection times is increased from once a day to three times a day. After the park is closed, the park will be fully disinfected. During the opening of the park, targeted local disinfection will be carried out twice a day to ensure a hygienic, clean and safe sightseeing environment during the seagull's flight.

At the same time, the formation of a guard team for the seagulls "escort". The gull protection team carries out round-the-clock patrol, assumes the responsibility of protecting red-billed gulls, is responsible for monitoring the situation and quantity of gulls in real time, feeding free gull food every day, supervising and recording the feeding of gull food, and publicizing the love gull protection to tourists and citizens.Knowledge, dissuade uncivilized behavior, remind tourists to wear masks when feeding gulls, and effectively guide tourists to watch gulls when the number of tourists is large and crowded, so as to avoid tourists gathering.

In order to ensure the normal development of scientific gull feeding, gull love and gull protection, the park has set up 16 gull food sales points, including 8 sales points in the park and 8 peripheral sales points. At the same time, the park is strictly managed and requires gull food sales outlets to sell gull food that meets the regulations.

Seagulls are the auspicious birds of Kunming, and Cuihu has a romantic covenant year after year. In the winter of 2022, Cuihu Park hereby appeals to the general public and tourists to wear masks when watching gulls and feeding gulls in Cuihu Park, to watch gulls in a civilized way, to start from bit by bit, to set a model for gulls and protect gulls with practical actions, to be participants and peers in protecting gulls, and to build a beautiful home where people and gulls live in harmony.