Set up the Benchmark of Safe Travel and Enhance the Awareness of Civilized Traffic


Set up a safe travel benchmark Enhance the awareness of civilized traffic


In order to promote the civilized travel of citizens, improve the moral quality of citizens, and consolidate the achievements of civilized cities.22 March 2021On the 15th, eight staff members of Kunming Cuihu Park participated in the joint traffic police organization of Huashan Sub-district Office in Wuhua District, Kunming City."Civilized traffic, start from me" Civilized unit traffic volunteer service activities.

The duty station arranged for this activity is the intersection of Yuantong Street and Huashan West Road, which is connected to the three scenic spots of Cuihu Park, Yuantong Temple and Yuantong Mountain Zoo, and is close to Shaoshan Primary School and Qingyun Street bus station,The temperature dropped sharply that day, and the traffic flow during the peak period of work and school was significantly higher than in the past. There was a situation where motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles did not give way to each other.Easy to cause traffic accidents.The main task of the eight volunteers is to assist the traffic police to ensure smooth roads. Each of them is wearing a green vest and holding a civilized traffic command flag to shuttle through the traffic flow, maintain traffic order, guide compliance with traffic rules, and persuade uncivilized behavior. Busy figure in the cold bitter streets of Kunming, forming a green landscape.

This civilized travel activity persuades pedestrians to run red lights, cross the road, cross the barrier, non-motor vehicles to go retrograde, stop and occupy blind roads and other uncivilized behaviors.More than 20 times. Provide services for special groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled and pregnant women to cross the road, give directions to tourists, and guide motor vehicles to give way to pedestrians more than 10 times. Volunteers involved in the event.Representation,This activity is of great significance. They will continue to carry forward the service spirit of mutual help and love and selfless dedication. SimultaneouslyAdvocate citizens to abandon bad traffic habits, safe and civilized travel, becomeThe practitioners and disseminators of civilization make civilization the most beautiful scenery and the most beautiful background in Kunming.


Kunming Cuihu Park

22 March 2021