Construction of Sponge City, Implementation of Ground Renovation in Gui Garden of Cuihu Park

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Construction of Sponge City, Cuihu Park Gui Garden

Implementation of ground reconstruction


Recently, Cuihu Park has been upgraded to the ground of Gui Garden.

The Gui Garden in Cuihu Park was originally a granite floor. Over the past few years, due to repeated construction, building materials have filled the hammer and pressure, and the water permeability is poor, resulting in the poor growth of Osmanthus fragrans. For more than ten years, tourists have repeatedly trampled and worn seriously, and it is even more wet and slippery on rainy days, and there is a height difference between the road surface and the road surface of Gongyuan South Road, which has greater safety risks.

In order to improve the growth of osmanthus, according to the requirements of sponge city construction specifications, the park dismantled the original granite floor of osmanthus garden, took out the construction cement left in the ground due to past construction, and took a series of rejuvenation measures such as digging out roots to disinfect osmanthus, fertilizing, replacing planting soil, and adding vents. At the same time, the tree pool grate is also poured with a new type of water seepage concrete, and the ground is paved with non-slip water seepage bricks.

The implementation of this work will further improve the growth environment of plants, promote the good growth of Osmanthus fragrans, and improve the safety of tourists in the garden.



Kunming Cuihu Park

20 November 2020