Guarding the "Eye of Kunming" and Improving the Water Quality of Cuihu Lake


Guardian"Eye of Kunming" to Improve Water Quality of Cuihu Lake

In March of Yangchun, grass grows and warblers fly. In spring, Cuihu Park is full of flowers. so-called"Nine summer hibiscus, three spring willow", "willow" has been inseparable from Cuihu since ancient times, "green poplar rest yin" is one of the eight scenes of Cuihu, "walking under the willow, watching the willow and enjoying the flowers" has become a beautiful scenery of Cuihu in spring. However, "every year in February and evening, scattered and flying flowers", the graceful willow branches are budding, and at the same time, they also spread the information of spring through the flying willow catkins, so that the water of Cuihu Lake in spring is covered with a layer of white yarn, which adds to tourists. Trouble.

In order to make Cuihu, the "eyes of Kunming", clearer and brighter, the park takes water quality improvement and water environment improvement as a key task,The lakes and ponds in the park are divided into grid responsibility areas, and special personnel are assigned to each area to inspect the water surface environment every day, and supervise and manage the cleaning and water quality improvement of lakes and ponds in each area. at the same time, efforts should be stepped up to keep clean,Increase the number of surface sanitation and cleaning personnel to clean the lake surface of the park continuously, and extend the surface cleaning time to the night.

In order to ensure the good growth of lotus this year, the park is currently carrying out the work of sunning the pond. After the lake water is drained, the park will promptly organize personnel to clean up the exposed garbage at the bottom of the pond. In the follow-up, quicklime will be sprinkled for disinfection, seedling thinning and fertilization to allow"Hibiscus" is shown to tourists in a more beautiful posture in midsummer. In order to improve the landscape quality of Cuihu Lake, the park is located inThree areas of East Lake Pond, West Lake Pond and Northwest Lake PondPapyrus, calamus, etcaquatic plantWhile purifying the water body and beautifying the embankment, it forms a green ecological barrier.

The staff worked tirelessly, working overtime under the scorching sun during the day and at night. Through the efforts of the park, the water environment quality of Cuihu Lake has been greatly improved. The lake is clear, the lake surface is clean, and the aquatic plants are decorated to create a comfortable and beautiful Cuihu Lake.