Guofeng Ancient Rhyme Greets Mid-Autumn Festival and Moon Reunion in Cuihu Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Come to Cuihu to "Reunion and Appreciate the Moon"


National style and ancient rhyme to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival·Moon Reunion in Cuihu

The Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022,

Come to Cuihu"Reunion and Moon Appreciation"

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China,"Happy flowers and full moon reunion" is a symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. There is a saying in ancient books: "The beauty of having a badge is for China, and the great etiquette is called summer."If the Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion prayer passed down by Chinese traditional culture for hundreds of years, then the Cuihu Mid-Autumn Festival is the Kunming people through this pair."The Eye of Kunming" sees the round of "homesickness" that belongs to him alone ". The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, one year old round of Cuihu autumn moon, Kunming people in this clear water surrounded by the lake, or sit on the lake to enjoy flowers and tea, or boating in the lake to talk about the past and the present, bright full moon in the sky, Yingying Chanjuan Gui Ying, 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival as promised.

To further create a strong festive atmosphere,Kunming Cuihu ParkNational style and ancient rhyme to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival·Moon Reunion in Cuihu"The activity was officially launched on September 10 at the Lianhua Monastery in Cuihu Park.

Activities in Hanfu catwalk, song and dance performances and lively Guofeng bazaarThe "sense of atmosphere" kicked off. Performers dressed in different forms of Chinese clothing are wearing cloud sleeves, dancing melodiously and singing clearly. They lead viewers to dream back to the previous dynasty with elegant and flexible classical dance and majestic national style music. They are supplemented by the Mid-Autumn Festival theme fair, which integrates agricultural and sideline products, cultural and creative products, ancient culture and other elements in the park, so that citizens and tourists can experience the ancient times in an immersive way."Full garden lights moon towerThe mid-autumn atmosphere.

After the curtain falls, it is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival activity of tasting tea and cutting moon cakes.Memories of the Mid-Autumn Festival Dangui Cluster, Flowers in the Cup, Moon in the Cup"Drinking tea in the Mid-Autumn Festival implies a slight bitter yearning for the hometown, while appreciating the moon and eating moon cakes represent a good wish for the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion. During the activity,The tea artist in the tea suit blends the elegantGuofengMusic,Use the methods and techniques of tea selection, water debate, utensils selection, scrubber, tea casting, etc. to make a pot of good tea soup, and through body movements with rich symbolic meaning, symbolic language, etc. to the drinker.Transfer"Fine, clear, clean and beautiful"The beauty of tea. At the same time, the fragrant tea and the cut moon cakes will be distributed to the tourists present to taste.The combination of "tea" culture and Chinese traditional festival culture deepens the unique artistic conception of "enjoying the moon in Cuihu Lake and tasting homesickness.

The Mid-Autumn Festival also includesImmersive experience activities such as "making masks, guessing lantern riddles, putting river lanterns,Colorful lanterns are arranged in rows, and red lantern riddle notes are hung in between. From time to time, citizens in Hanfu stop to gaze, which is quite American.Participants can also draw masks and"Pray for the River Lantern in Hanfu"Ceremonies, etc.,Night tour with candlelight, moon viewing,ExperienceA handfulThe Pleasure of Traditional Customs.

During the activity, the park will do a good job in standardizing operation, epidemic prevention and control, and persuasion of uncivilized behavior, and the gate posts will strictly do a good job in entering the park.Nucleic acid detection verification, carry out"Health code travel card verification", "body temperature wearing masks" and "one-meter line order maintenance" work, all staff work overtime on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, do a good job in the park order maintenance and epidemic prevention and control related work, to create a safe and harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, do a good job of lighting inspection in advance, more than a thousand night lights lit"The electric light is brilliant and clear as day"The night of the lake. Completed before the festivalAbout2000 plants of chrysanthemum, more than 30000 plants of red string and about 3000 plants of impatiens were planted and replaced, and the "night cruise" project was carried out during the festival. At that time, the autumn day wins the spring dynasty, and the boat crosses the Cuihu night,ForThe "Eye of Kunming" adds a touch of lustrous color, and also allows the general public to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival of Cuihu with fireworks and lights.