The Beauty of Dancing Biodiversity in Cuihu Park COP15 Stereo Flower-bed Won Silver Award


Dancing the beauty of biodiversity

Cuihu ParkCOP15 three-dimensional flower bedWon the Silver Award

"Wuyunnan is at the end of the world, and the mountains and rivers of Liuzhao are scenic. Cui frogs sing into the clouds and trees, and white pheasants fly through the holes." October 14, 2021 Cuihu ParkWelcomeCOP15 Three-dimensional Flower-bed Works "South of Colorful Clouds"HappyChina· Kunming three-dimensional flower bed competitionSilver award. The flower bedLocated at the south gate of the park, backed by the sparkling light of Cuihu Lake and facing the busy traffic, there are considerable views in all directions. The total area of flower beds is about220 ㎡, green area of about 340 ㎡,plant species collocation60SurplusspeciesIn the meantime, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the grass is delicious,Eagle Flies Dive,The strange beast shuttles, the chief of all things,Ten thousand kinds of frost day competition free, draw a picture togetherharmonious symbiosis"South of Colorful Clouds"It adds a beautiful color to the biodiversity of Yunnan.

From the design and production scheme conception, after continuous discussion and modification, to the completion of the whole production, it took nearly9 months, a combination of garden modeling, artistic beauty and flower varieties and other factors,In September 2021, the three-dimensional flower bed named "South of Colorful Clouds" officially began construction. During the construction, the parkExtend the decorative function of plants from the plane to the space,Adoption of landscaping andEnvironmental ArtcombinationGreening decoration technique,The use of trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, vines and other plants, including multiple groups of rock-type green carving, animal-type green carving, tree-type green carving, etc., using sprinkler irrigation, spray systems and environmentally friendly power supply methods,It not only shows the characteristics of unity, tolerance and open-mindedness of the Chinese nation, but also reflects General Secretary Xi Jinping."Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" ideology.

After careful planning and overtime work by the park staff,On September 26, 2021, the three-dimensional flower bed in the south of Caiyun was completed and officially unveiled in front of the eyes of the general public and tourists:Inside the flower bedThe peaks and mountains are stacked,The 7-meter-high banyan tree is like a pavilion, with green spring feathers circling along the trunk, and the four characters of the south of the colorful clouds are inscribed on the mountains and rivers. Tropical plants slowly unfold like colored carpets, green carved elephants stroll in leisure, peacocks, red-billed gulls, egrets and other rare birds roost gracefully, and Yunnan golden monkeys play in the woods. The drizzle, clouds, gurgling streams and red fish swimming create a tropical paradise full of immortal atmosphere. The beauty of biodiversity dance is painted on the picture, bringing citizens and tourists a new visual experience.

    In order to make the flower beds more long-term with Cuihu Lake and citizens and tourists,The park willStrengthen the later comprehensive maintenance management, do a good jobRegular pruning, pest control and management of flower growth and flowering period, etc.WorkIn order to extend the viewing period of the three-dimensional flower bed, to ensureThree-dimensional flower bed shape intact.