Light and Shadow Build Dreams to Celebrate Double Festivals, Danqing Shows the Beauty of the Motherland


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Light and shadow build a dreamDouble Festival Celebration,Danqingco-present the beauty of the motherland

The autumn wind in October brings thousands of miles of fragrance, and the carols in October sing thousands of miles of mountains and rivers..In this autumn season,We ushered inthe People's Republic of China established71st Anniversary.

In this fruitful season,In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and implement it with practical actionsThe spirit of "strengthening cultural self-confidence and promoting the prosperity of socialist culture" expresses the book.PaintingThe joy of the new era and the blessing of the motherland for a better tomorrow,Publicity Department of Wuhua District Party CommitteeInSeptember 30-October 9, 2020 in Cuihu Park Fish Watching BuildingHold2020 National Day Celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival Poetry, Calligraphy, Ode to Five Chinese Works Exhibition.This exhibition will be held this year.during the seagull festival in January, excellent works of poetry, calligraphy and art collected from the society were exhibited,The works are diverse in form, novel in conception, prominent in theme and distinctive in features. The works are either brushwork, or splash ink with great momentum. Or with meticulous sketch, or painted painting, painting with heart, or color dyed with blue to publicize the hook with feelings, expressed in point painting, expressed in style, with full artistic creation feelings and exquisite pen and ink, interpreting the strong patriotic feelings of calligraphers and painters eulogizing the new era and building the Chinese dream, it shows their love and dedication to Chinese traditional culture, and has a strong appreciation and appeal.

At the same time,Wuhua District Urban Management Bureau Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaSponsored by Kunming Cuihu Park,Photography Alumni Association of Kunming University for the ElderlyThe co-organized Celebrating Double Festival Film Festival kicked off at the Fish Watching Building in Cuihu Park.

This film festivalDouble Festival Celebration· The beauty of the motherlandAs the theme, with the support of the Wuhua District Urban Administration Committee of the Communist Party of China, CuihuParkWorking together with the Photography Alumni Association of Kunming University for the Elderly, which has cooperated for many years, we have selected56Photographic works, or sentimental landscapes,Or a casual style,Or focus on the society, or show the humanities, with a unique photographic perspective, vigorously carry forward the new spirit of the times, strive to reflect the new social fashion, praise the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and enthusiastically eulogize the development achievements of the motherlandthe People's Republic of China established71st AnniversaryAnd the Mid-Autumn FestivalGift.

To promote the spirit of patriotism,Cuihu Park hangs in the tourist-intensive area of the central district.FlagForMotherlandBirthday celebration. During the festival, inside the lakeflutteringeye-catching"Chinese red", embodiesCitizens TouristsThe patriotic enthusiasm to inspireIt'snational pride and cohesion;In order to do a good job of dressing up Cuihu, the parkThe original sketch attractions at the south gate and west gate were carried out.seasonal flowersReplacement, this replacementofThe flowers are mainlyChibirdflower, carnationWaitbrightly coloredVariety, creating a festive National Day atmosphere.At the same time,The park alsoReplacedWest Road Tea GardenInside ten pots of fine bonsai, there are gorse flowersYunnan Masson Pine,Muri, etc. at that time,Brocade with flowers,The green lake park with bonsai will become a solemn and festive patriotic landscape in the spring city of Kunming.

During the double festival, the cruise ships and amusement equipment in the park are normally open. At that time, you can experience the leisure of boating in Cuihu Lake and talking about autumn. You can also bring your children to Cuihu Park to experience a relaxed and comfortable parent-child time.

Looking back on the past, we are full of lofty sentiments; looking forward to the future, we will create brilliant achievements together. Painting and calligraphy photos record not only magnificent mountains and rivers, but also the People's Republic of China 70OneThe extraordinary years of the past year; the stories of memories tell not only the history, but also the splendid future of the Chinese nation with high morale and singing songs from all over the world. Let us always remember the past struggle, inThis universal celebration of the occasionLet's say: I love you, China!


Kunming Cuihu Park

30 September 2020