Advocate a positive and healthy way of working and take the first responsible person for health.


Promote a positive and healthy way of working

Take the first person responsible for health


Currently, epidemic prevention and controlStill induring the critical period,ThereforeStrengthen self-protection,Keep healthy body especiallyImportant. In order to advocate positive and healthy working methods and spread civilized life"Positive energy",While doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, Kunming Cuihu Park always puts the physical and mental health of cadres and employees in the first place, organizes employees to carry out inter-work exercises, strengthens the physical fitness of employees, and enhances immunity.

Every morning10point,WithA familiarBellsound,Cuihu Park AllStaffWill bePut down your hands temporarily.Mediumthe workWork, gather at the gate of the administrative office area, and start5 minutes of exercise. Park leaders actively take the lead, set an example, and set an example. All employees automatically queue up at 1 meter intervals and join the work exercise team.

The ninth set of broadcast gymnastics will now begin, marking time....With a loud password, all the staff stepped neatly, from warming up to relaxing, everyone completed the whole set of actions in a full state of mind. Through more than half a year of practice, the movements of all employees are more skilled and standardized. After a set of workshop exercises, everyone sweats slightly and is more energetic.

Workers who took part in the exercise praised one after another:"To be able to carry out some sports appropriately during the work period, you canEffectively relieve the tension of the work pressure and fatigue of the mental state,Accelerate blood circulation,Enhance cardiopulmonary function, enhance resistance, let peopleEnergetic, energetic,prompted usPositive mindset and healththe body,Better to complete the jobWork.

Self-exercise activitiesCarry outsince then,Between employeesCreate a relaxed, happy, healthyUpThe working atmosphere of the, formed a consensus working force, gotAllthe recognition of cadres and workers,MakeThe vast number of cadres and workers devote themselves to their work with the spirit of 12 points.