"Eye of Kunming" Cuihu Park Dredging Project Officially Launched


The Eye of KunmingCuihu Park dredging project officially launched

In the early summer of April, the green trees were overcast and the flowers were blooming. The dredging project of Cuihu Park lake pond also opened a new chapter in full swing. The lake pond in the area from Chunxiao Square to the west gate of Cuihu Lake has been drained. The completed construction enclosure is neatly located on the bank of the lake. The dredging work is in full swing and the whole construction site is in good order.

The dredging project is led by the Wuhua District Party Committee and the District Government, led by the District Urban Management Bureau, and jointly promoted by the District Water Affairs Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, Cuihu Park and other units. The construction unit is China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to"China Construction Sixth Bureau") was officially launched on April 20 andMobilization construction, the project duration is about70 days, expected to end on June 28, 2022.Engineeringtoshallow surface dredgingOn the way to Cuihu Park4 ornamental pondsThe shallow surface to carry out artificial with the cutter suction dredging machine dredging work,Dredging area approx.53000 square meters, with a total dredging volume of about 15900 cubic meters.

Before commencement, Cuihu Park set up a dredging project leading group to arrange special personnel to follow up and supervise the progress of the dredging project and cooperate with it.China Construction Bureau 6Do a good job in the preparation of manpower and materials. At present, the dredging project is equipped with management personnel.10 people, 25 workers, 4 large submersible pumps, 6 winch pumps and 10 silt removal tankers. The project is now in the stage of regional enclosure and water control. As of April 28, 2022, a total of 4 temporary silt pumping operation points have been closed, cable laying has been completed for a total of 800 meters, temporary power supply for construction has been completed, temporary soil cofferdam has been set up for 102 cubic meters, water bodies (about 61000 cubic meters) in pools 1# and 2# have been pumped out and silt removal operations have been started. Subsequently, the water bodies of 3# and 4# pools will continue to be drained, the number of operators will be increased to 50, and the number of dredging vehicles will be increased to 20 to ensure that the overall dredging work is completed on schedule.

To ensure construction safety,20 AprilBefore the construction unit enters the site, the park will place construction notice boards and warm warning boards at the main entrances and exits and around the operation area, requiring construction workers to scan codes and measure temperature before entering the site every day, hold regular pre-shift safety meetings every day, and at the same time strengthen the inspection of fire fighting and production safety during the construction process to ensure construction safety and build a safety dike.

Lake pond dredgingAfter completion,The "Eye of Kunming" will be more flexible, the water is shining, the trees are shaded, and the water ecology in the heart of the building will be more beautiful and moving.