Scenic Spots

Fish Watching Building

Founded in the 15th year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1835), it was donated and repaired by the Governor of Yungui Ruan Yuan. It is a classical garden complex composed of galleries, pavilions, pavilions, and curved bridges. It has strong Jiangnan architectural characteristics. The Guanyu Building was originally the "release pool" of the Lianhua Monastery. After many repairs and reconstruction, there are still two three-story octagonal glazed pavilions built by Long Yun, chairman of Yunnan Province in 1934. At present, the building group of Guanyu Building consists of Guanyu Building, Biyi Pavilion, Haoshang Guanyu, Golden Horse and Biji Pavilion, Sifang Pavilion, as well as double-eave hexagonal pavilion, fan pavilion, four-corner pavilion and six-corner pavilion, which are connected by long corridors. In the whole building complex, there are countless koi carp in the water. Every tourist feeds, the fish scramble for it, which is full of fun.