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Kunming Cuihu Park 9th Lotus Festival officially opened

"Ten acres of lotus fish world", from the Yuan Dynasty vegetable sea seed Chiba lotus, to the Qing Daoguang years Yungui Governor Ruan Yuan rebuilt the north and south long embankment, lotus and Cuihu has always been inseparable, Kunming people and Cuihu lotus friendship, can be described as a time-honored, every summer, wind clear water green, rain lotus full of lake fragrance. In the midsummer of 2021, the lotus flowers in Cuihu Park are in full bloom, and the lakeside flower admirers are like weaving. The annual lotus festival in the park kicked off with the arrival of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

In order to repay the love of the "loyalites" for the lotus, in early March this year, the park actively carried out a series of behind-the-scenes preparations such as "clearing ponds and drying ponds, disinfection, pest control, and foliar fertilization". At the same time, aquatic plants such as papyrus and calamus were planted in the three areas of East Lake Pond, West Lake Pond and Northwest Lake Pond, so as to purify the water and beautify the embanklevees, to create a beautiful and clean "water stage" for the blooming of lotus ".

How many days and nights of dedication, in exchange for the full bloom of lotus. This year, the lotus and water lilies of Cuihu will bloom in early June and are expected to reach their full bloom from the end of June to August. This lotus festival displays more than 20 varieties of lotus, including Space Lotus 1, Changshun 1, Puzhe Black Red Lotus, Puzhe Black White Lotus, Shu Guang Sleeve, Star Peony, Phoenix Dance, Pearl Lotus Rice, Yiliang Thousand Petal Lotus, etc., distributed in the park's East Lake Pond, South Lake Pond and Inner Lake Pond.

Dating back to 1921, the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China concluded successfully on the lotus-filled Nanhu cruise ship, solemnly proclaiming the birth of the Communist Party of China. "In the sound of the revolution, the Communist Party was born to celebrate the workers and peasants." This cruise ship, which witnessed the epoch-making events in the history of the Communist Party of China, has won a name that will forever be recorded in the history of the Chinese revolution-the red boat. The Lotus Festival coincides with the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to show the red boat spirit of "shaking a boat from the depths of the lotus", the park takes "red boat" as the theme at the south gate, and sets up promotional sketches for flowers such as lotus, blue bully sage, impatiens, hydrangea, purple elephant grass, and yelidum. About 30000 pots of seasonal flowers are arranged at the north gate, south gate, west gate, west gate, east and central area to beautify the environment.

In order to further set off the warm atmosphere of "celebrating the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China", the park made full use of the party building cultural square on the southwest island, excavated the story of Nie er with its own advantages, and created a cultural venue for party members to organize life and raise the national flag. At that time, the national anthem is majestic and the national flag is flying, which will usher in the centennial birthday of the party among the lotus flowers in full bloom in the garden.

In order to make the lotus festival more splendid, the park will hold the "opening ceremony of the lotus festival" in lianhua monastery on June 29. visitors can enjoy the national style performances such as the lotus-picking female song costume show, song feng four elegant performances, double martial arts performances, Han dance, Sichuan opera face-changing performances, song system traditional adult ceremony, and three-person red singing performances in the monastery. On the day of the festival, there will be lotus flowers on the bank of Cuihu Lake, and the lotus fragrance will bring you a different midsummer scenery and the lotus scenery of Cuihu Lake.

In order to ensure the health of all "Dutch-watching gentlemen", the park will continue to take three measures to "scan the code, measure the body temperature and wear masks" for tourists entering the park, and comprehensively strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of public facilities and equipment, so as to ensure the harmonious and stable environment in the park and the harmonious symbiosis between people and lotus "lotus" during the lotus festival.

Cuihu Park welcomes the arrival of the gentlemen who love the lotus, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cuihu when the lotus is open, promote the Chinese "harmony" culture through the Dutch culture, and let the civilized "harmony" atmosphere spread throughout the spring city.


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