Party building column

Promotion of voluntary services

Party building work

Relying on the park tourist service center, we will expand and enrich the function of "learning from lei feng volunteer service station" and build a "party-mass service station" to provide tourists with warm-hearted services such as consultation and guidance, lost and found, medical first aid, umbrella borrowing, free charging, etc., so as to open up the "last 100 meters" of serving the masses ". Set up a volunteer team of Cuihu Park by classification, carry out "clean homes and create civilization together" party members and mass volunteer service activities, organize party members and key personnel in mass literary and art groups in the park to set up a team of "civilized supervisors from Lei Feng" in the park, carry out daily supervision on the environmental sanitation and civilized order of mass literary and art venues, and promote the new atmosphere of civilized tourism in Cuihu Park through the demonstration of voluntary service.