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Implementing the Red Engine Project to Improve the Quality of Cultural Tourism

Party building work

Cuihu Park is located at the western foot of Wuhua Mountain in Kunming City, covering an area of 22.1 hectares. Cuihu is the eye of Kunming. As the core area of Kunming's famous historical and cultural city, Cuihu has important historical and cultural value and influence, and is Wuhua's unique resource advantage. In recent years, the Wuhua District Party Committee and the District Government have launched the renovation and upgrading project of the historical and cultural area around Cuihu Lake, deeply excavating the profound historical heritage and cultural connotation of the Cuihu area, reproducing the historical and cultural features around Cuihu Lake, and making Cuihu Lake more "bright", more "beautiful" and more "smart". The Cuihu Park Party Branch is based on the resource advantage of the famous historical and cultural park, combined with the renovation and promotion of the Cuihu historical and cultural area, and actively integrates into the construction of the "Cuihu Party Building Demonstration Circle" in the whole district, in accordance with the integration of history and modernity, culture and economy, Tourism and commerce go hand in hand, party building and development go hand in hand, with "party building tourism and cultural services" as the main line, build the red tourism route of Cuihu Park, promote the improvement of the quality of Cuihu tourism culture, and provide a strong guarantee for creating a national well-known historical and cultural tourism business card.