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Trade Union Work

Trade Union Work

The Cuihu Park Trade Union is a group organization established in accordance with the "the People's Republic of China Trade Union Law" and the "Chinese Trade Union Constitution" under the leadership of the Wuhua District Federation of Trade Unions in Kunming City. It has won many awards such as "Model Workers' Home" and "Grassroots Advanced Trade Union. The Cuihu Park Trade Union has the legal personality of a social organization in accordance with the law, independently enjoys civil rights, undertakes civil obligations, has a sound trade union organization system, sound institutions, standardized management, and perfect systems. The Cuihu Park Trade Union currently has 64 members, 124 retired employees, 1 trade union chairman, 4 trade union members, and an economic review committee and a women's committee. The above personnel are democratically elected by the workers' congress and have a clear division of labor., To give full play to the role of trade unions in work.

The Cuihu Park Trade Union has always been guided by Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents", the scientific development concept, and Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Basic functions, organize and represent the entire park's employees to participate in the democratic management and democratic supervision of the park, listen to and reflect the opinions and requirements of employees, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees; unite and educate the staff of the whole park to be based on their own duties and be willing to contribute to the development and construction of the park; do a good job in the life and welfare of the staff and workers, care about the workers in difficulties, and carry out the "send warmth" project; care about the physical and mental health of the staff and workers, organize and carry out rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, do a good job in the work of female workers; strengthen their own construction, the trade union organization will be built into a bridge and link between the Party and the workers and a warm home for the workers that the masses can trust.

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